Wild or Tame Unicorn?/ Boys Hate Sparkles

Just back from a trip to Austin. Joyful reunion with the girls. On my last trip, my gift to them was two Spongebob Squarepants Six Shooter cowboy figurines purchased at Burger King when I stopped for a soda on the drive back. (It was a desperation move, just to have something.) Iris’s comment about that one was, “Why did you buy this for us, daddy?” — very earnest. So this time I did better:

-gummi candy in the shape of the letters of their name. Unfortunately I got two “S”s and only one “I” for Iris, but I bit off the end of the S and it became a twisty/snakey “I” that she more or less accepted.

-remaindered Peep bunnies. Just threw these in. The proprietor (of this amazing candy shop on South Congress) insisted they were entirely fresh.

-charm necklaces with little ceramic puppies (on pink ribbons). These were the real gifts. I would’ve gotten two different charms but of course that’s a serious gamble with twins. A big hit.

-also two sets of colored pencils

All is back to normal. Just overheard: Celie was yelling/crying. Sarah went to see what was up and Celie said “Iris doesn’t want to play what I want to play! I want to be the owner and she’s my pet unicorn…” Iris, defiantly: “But I want to be a WILD unicorn.” Sarah brokered a compromise where Celie would slowly domesticate Iris by picking wild flowers and (this was Iris’s idea) placing them in her antlers. [oops, I guess it must have been around her horn.]

p.s. overheard as C&I decorate a drawing of a heart: C: “hmm, somebody didn’t do very good sparkling here.”

I: “It must have been the boys.”

C: “They really didn’t do very good sparkles.”

I: “Yes. They hate sparkles.”

[N.B. these were imaginary/ straw man boys]

3 thoughts on “Wild or Tame Unicorn?/ Boys Hate Sparkles”

  1. Seriously! They do.

    Also I thought the charms were of kittens. No?

    Also: someone in my house, who is not me, thinks Peeps are only good after they have turned rock solid, which is to say, some many months after Easter. Apparently there is something of a consensus about this in certain circles. I think Austin may be one.

  2. Nope, I must have said kittens to you, but they are actually puppies. I probably should have gotten Iris a puppy, Celie a kitten, (if only for the benefit of those trying to tell them apart) but I was too scared of a potential Iris problem to do that.

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