Everybody’s Bratty

I just noticed that Moonraking got 300 views the other day, close to my top page views ever.  I checked and it turned out that the vast majority of these were from a Google search for “Bratz babies movie soundtrack.”  (The movie was released in 2006; why now??)  I guess this gives me a better sense of my readership.

Maybe I’m just trolling for page views, but I thought I’d link to this movie preview I turned up.  It’s kind of great, though the production values are surprisingly shoddy (poor lighting in particular).

Here’s another one from 2006.

8:00 AM wakin’ up in the morning/nappy ain’t fresh/ gotta get pants changed/ gotta have a bottle/ gotta have trampolines/ see in everything the time is going/ tickin’ on and on/ everybody’s Bratty

Here’s a review from IMDB:

Horrible proof that our society has degenerated, 5 December 2006
Author: Candle-Burn from United States

This movie is about young babies, between 8 months to 3 years, that walk around in skimpy, revealing clothes trying to save puppies.

The entire movie features sexually suggestive remarks and actions, absolutely inappropriate for any young child, even a 10 year old.

This movie is like a pedophile’s dream come true. The attitudes and idea’s of the Bratz Babies are far too advanced for any young girl to understand, and I would never like to see a child acting like these Babies.

“Flaunt what you Got?” Isn’t that the Stripper Anthem? Not something a tween needs to do. This movie is awful.

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