Boss donkey

not an actual donkey we sawSarah and I and the girls went to visit some donkeys and a horse at a nearby stable. They had gone last week without me. I wasn’t sure it was necessarily OK to wander in and feed the animals, but Sarah was confident this was all right. There were 7 or so donkeys and a horse, also a sweet barn cat who followed us out to the field and acted as if she wanted some celery and carrots too. The donkeys were very adorable; they seem miniaturized like a puppy or kitten. There was one boss donkey who wanted all the food and definitely wanted to be in charge of who got the food when. There was a bit of boss-donkey-management required — one of us had to tempt him away to one side with some good carrot pieces and then the other subservient donkeys could quickly be fed a few pieces.

2 thoughts on “Boss donkey”

  1. Yes, Don Quixote, every one of my posts is a more or less thinly disguised allegory about YOU. For example, in “Bad dreams,” my two daughters and I all represent three facets of your so-fascinating personality. And “How Puppies Die” is about my fear that some harm might possibly befall you. I’ll leave it to you to decode the others…

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