My sister-in-law Vanessa is a writer for this new CBS drama Swingtown, premiering on June 5. Here’s a NY Times article about it.

Family loyalties aside, I’m looking forward to it — some writers and producers from Six Feet Under are involved and it co-stars Molly Parker, who was so good in Deadwood. Here’s a description from the profile:

WHEN the television series “Swingtown” has its premiere on June 5, viewers can expect to see the following scenes in the first episode: a ménage à trois; a high school junior smoking pot and later flirting with her English teacher; the flagrant enjoyment of quaaludes and cocaine; and the sight of the neighborhood scold unwittingly stumbling upon a groaning and slithering orgy. “Why don’t you kick your shoes off, Mom, and join the party?” is how a middle-aged participant, clad only in mutton chops, says hello.

Debauchery, however, is only an appetizer for the main story line: the open marriage of an airline pilot and his wife, who, in pursuit of new partners, set about seducing the businessman and housewife who have just moved in across the street.

Melissa Henson, director of communications and public education for the watchdog group Parents Television Council, comments that “it’s sort of driving a stake through an institution most of us regard as being fundamental to our culture and to our society.” As my brother observed, I guess this assumes that the American family is a vampire. Or a tomato plant, maybe (what else gets a stake driven through it?)

2 thoughts on “Swingtown”

  1. Tomato plant doesn’t work. They are gently tethered to stakes, not impaled. So the institution of marriage, according to this critic, is a vampire’s heart.

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