Lykke Li “Little Bit”

In honor of Eurovision (final tomorrow May 24!), here’s a mesmerizing, great single by Sweden’s Lykke Li (love the video, too; dig the calisthenics in knee-high black socks, and the bearded loon on piano).
Lykke Li’s album Youth Novels (to be released in the U.S. June 17) was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John, which makes sense when you consider the haunting cowbell in this song and something similar in “Dance Dance Dance,” which put me to mind of the whistling and percussion in PB&J’s immortal “Young Folks” (though Lyyke Li is less indie, more dance-pop than PB&J). Yttling is sounding like an indie-rock Timbaland in his resourceful way with catchy little looped pieces of percussion. Really, this is just about the catchiest single since “Young Folks” (OK, and “Umbrella” maybe.)
In “Little Bit” Lykke Li starts with denial — “hands down/ I’m too proud for love” (nice line, suggesting “don’t touch”) — and moves towards grudging acceptance. Actually, the song could do for understatement what Alanis Morrisette did for irony: “I will do it, push the button, pull the trigger, move a mountain, jump off a cliff because you’re my baby and I love you I love you… a little bit.”
Yes, apparently her name is in fact pronounced “Licky Lee.”

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