Professors Gone Wild

Impressive to realize how low the bar can be set for professional behavior by university professors.

An argument between two debate coaches escalates into a war of words, each showering the other with a string of obscenities before an audience of seemingly unfazed students. Before long, one coach has mooned the other, and the video — posted to YouTube — continues recording the spectacle of two communication professors stomping their feet, flailing their arms and shouting at the top of their lungs.

Explanation of the affair. There’s something compelling/absurd about the set-up, which has the feel of some sort of exaggerated, out of date culture-wars face-off between the hip young African-American female professor and the gray-ponytail-flailing 60s hippie in shorts and bare feet.

2 thoughts on “Professors Gone Wild”

  1. I saw this on CNN on one of those big tvs that hangs over the elliptical machines at the Y. I have never seen a group of elliptical machines grind ever so slowly to a near standstill as the room full of academics or former academics watched in horror. Of course, there was no sound (being at the Y and all) so I had no idea what they were arguing about. I’m still wondering.

  2. “While neither professor could be reached, it appears that the argument involved teams’ ability to “strike” judges they believe have historically given them lower scores. One of the teams struck a judge who was African American and female, Fort Hays State provost Larry Gould told a local station, “and that set the thing off.””

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