Drool in the Pool

Took Celie and Iris to the long-awaited Drool in the Pool.  After the local pool closes for the Fall, they have a night (two nights this year) where dogs are allowed to swim.  It’s kind of a nutty scene with large retrievers and labs heaving themselves into the diving pool with an enormous splash to fetch tennis balls.  I treasure the memory from last year’s event of this little fat pug doing a determined dog-paddle around the perimeter of the pool while wearing a life vest with a handle on top.  As dogs five times his size leapt heedlessly over him, he had this expression of concentration on his face, like “just doing my laps, folks, don’t splash please!”   When it looked like he was starting to get tired, his owner reached in and scooped him out.

The girls spent about 20 minutes throwing a purple plastic bone for a sweet dog named Zoe.  It all went great until Celie accidentally clocked another little girl in the ear with the bone.  I sort of saw that coming — they were heaving the bone without a whole lot of scrupulous aiming.

That’s odd, someone posted a video from last year’s DITP with a soundtrack of Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls.”  huh?

I hate to say it, but the whole Drool in the Pool concept makes me reflect that a normal day at the pool is basically Pee in the Pool, considering the number of babies and toddlers splashing around.  Remember, “the use of swim diapers and swim pants may give many parents a false sense of security.”

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