An unusual farm and the giraffe’s birthday

The girls came home with these stories they’d narrated to a teacher.  They’re very nicely illustrated as well but I will just transcribe.


Once upon a time there was a little goat.  And he lived in a very unusual farm.  Because the farmer and the farmwife didn’t let him make milk.  But one day he got an idea.  He would trick the farmer and wife.  So he hid behind the milk shed.  He poked the farmer and the wife.  And then he trotted off on a walk.  So that the farmer and his wife thought he was gone.  And then he found a little filly and the filly said, “I live on a farm that’s bright red.  And it has roosters, a cow, and my mommy and daddy horses.  So I need someone to help me get back to the farm.”  And the goat said, “And who would that be?”  “That would be someone who’s smart and who has a tail and can pull me along.”  “That would be me, because I’m smart and I have a tail and I know where the farm is.”  And the pony said, “Ok, then I’ll tie my tail to your tail and you start trotting.”  The end.

And Celie’s:

Once upon a time a little giraffe was so excited because it was his birthday today.  And he had a cake ready and all his friends were there.  And they played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and he won.  And then they played checkers.  And then they played dress-up.  And he was the king.  And his sister was the princess.  And the king said, “Princess, go ask your servant to clean the walls.”  And the servant did it.  Soon the walls were shiny clean.  And the servant said, “I am tried of working like this.”  And she asked the princess and king if she could stop.  And they said, “Well… Okay.”  The End.

All I can say is, wow. I am supposed to be some kind of professional analyst of narrative, but I hardly know where to begin.

11 thoughts on “An unusual farm and the giraffe’s birthday”

  1. Let’s see: for Iris, when you get to be older, say almost five, you might experiment with some new, independent ventures. But then you might need a buddy to bail you out, or show you the way home, or do the work of getting you back to home base. If you are twin, there is very high likelihood that you have a built -in buddy. You are attached.

    For Celie, sometimes you feel like a king or a princess, especially when it gets close to your birthday. But sometimes you feel like a servant. These things are intertwined. Maybe particularly when you are a twin.
    For non-twins, the same applies in all our relationships except the dynamic is less visible
    I don’t mean to explain away the existential nature of these situations. . The known and the unknown. Celebration and maintenance.

  2. Yes! I love it! This really captures some of the twin dynamic: “I’ll tie my tail to your tail and you start trotting.”

    Also, sometimes you feel like poking and/or tricking your parents, the farmer and his wife, who are always enforcing unreasonable rules.

  3. Iris and Celie, I love the stories! Thank you…
    and Grandma Suzy, I had no idea you thought about such things! Hope to see you sometime — sooner rather than later….xo liz

  4. Just ran across your blog info… I am in love with these stories. Wow. They are hilarious. Really, I love ” So that the farmer and his wife thought he was gone” Just *thought*… he would never really GO, after all (because where would you go?).

    “And they said, well… okay.” Sums it all up, really.

    Violet tells stories not far off from Celie’s (Princess this, Princess that) in which usually she is the princess and Georgia her sister is “the Bad Man.” We’ll see how well that’s received once Georgia can speak her mind… I seriously doubt, however, that she will ever be promoted to Princess willingly.

  5. Great to see you on Moonraking, Emily!… I sent Jesse a long Facebook message that he was supposed to forward to you (with URLs for some of the school pix, etc) but he probably forgot…

  6. Wow. I think Grandma Suzy might have the makings of a second career in text analysis!

    Kudos to Iris for getting the filly – horse conection too!

    Miss you guys!

  7. I forgot to point out that it’s interesting that it is the farmer and the farmwife who are “preventing” the boy goat from making milk. Hmmm….

  8. Jesse never forwarded it to me, of course, he’s a terrible friend, I’m never going to speak to him again (just kidding Jesse).

    Depending on who you ask, I’m either a loser for not being on facebook or really lucky.

  9. Actually, Grandma Suzy majored in English and taught it for one year – never had such great material to work with though.

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