Real Mouse Magic

Am I overdoing it with the girls’ stories?  Celie brought home another one:

One day a little mouse went on a trip.  And the airplane was so big that he thought it was a giant.  And he went to… uh, India.  And India — it was so fancy that he couldn’t believe his eyes.  And he went to a very fancy house and he had a cookie and some milk.  And then it started to get dark and he said “I better get back to my real house in India.”  And he went to bed.  And in the morning he got dressed and went to school and he played with a puzzle.  And his momma came and he said, “Momma I did magic.  Real magic.  Real mouse magic.”  Real mouse magic.   The end.

I remain uncertain about where and when the Real Mouse Magic was applied in this story.  Does it take mouse magic to travel to India?

1 thought on “Real Mouse Magic”

  1. This is truly wonderful. We truly need Mouse Magic. Here’s to being transported to magical other places. Xanadu? You know.

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