Holloween Pot Luck Totem

I came home today to discover this cool Pot Luck totem the girls had made with Sarah.  Sarah explained that it represents Pot Luck’s (laughable) actual self-image as a terrifying creature with bloody fangs.  You can seem him (the actual Pot Luck) sort of attacking it in the second photo.

3 thoughts on “Holloween Pot Luck Totem”

  1. I want an artist wife! That thing is terrific.

    Any chance they will trick or treat in our neck of the hood? We bought candy again, but if it’s anything like last year, every single solitary piece will still be here when it’s said and done. I don’t know why we are in the Dead Zone for this, but we seem to be. If you don’t bring them, you absolutely MUST post photos!

  2. We probably won’t be able to b.c we’ll have a whole neighborhood posse. Maybe though. in any case feel free to swing by (although you will probably be busy) anytime after 5 or so…

  3. Dear Girls,

    I think the Pot Luck totem is really scary!! I would not like to meet a creature like that.

    My candy was all gone when I got home! I went down to Beacon Hill with M and M where all the action is every year. Love Grandma Suzy

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