Bratz Babyz

This is so fracking disturbing (a little Battlestar Galactica in-joke there) I just had to add it as a postscript to my previous post.  These are the Bratz Babyz, featuring lipstick, hair product, baby bottles hanging from chains like a model’s Evian bottle, and, apparently, spaghetti-strap diapers:


Really, this is messed up that three-year-old girls are given these to play with.  (This in implicit response to my loyal reader who implied that I was overreacting to this phenomenon.)  The whole Britney/Paris teen-harlot thing is much less funny once you have preschool age daughters entering this screwed-up world!!!

-uptight Dad

7 Responses

  1. I am inspired to post the link to my neighbor Diane Levin’s book with Jean Kilbourne, So Sexy So Soon. I haven’t read it but intend to, based on the very enlightening blurb at Enjoy!

  2. well, at least you know you’re “uptight”

    then again, I am afraid of those babies, too

  3. i want to give this to my lion stuffed animal.the black hair one.should i give it

  4. do u think i could give the brown hair one to my lion stuffed animal?

  5. […] Babyz […]

  6. They are the cutest babys in the world i love them all i want to have them all love sasha

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