Pot Luck Becomes a Man (sort of )

Yesterday was the long-awaited/feared day when we had to bring Pot Luck in to the vet for his operation.  There was a scissors icon drawn on the date on the calendar for the day Pot Luck would become a man… or not.  Sort of.  It’s the responsible thing to do, in any case.

I heard Celie explaining this on the phone to Grandma Suzy: “Pot Luck is gonna have his operation so Daisy can’t have a baby.”  Actually there was no real danger of this b/c Daisy already had her operation.

It’s been weird having Pot Luck away.  Daisy seemed especially affectionate and needy when I let her out of the basement (they spend the night there b/c otherwise they wake us up at 5:00 a.m).  But actually, Daisy seems to be having a good time experiencing the life of solo cat for a morning, with the girls fighting over her.

We get him at noon today I think.  I hope he won’t have lost any of his devil-may-care ways.

3 thoughts on “Pot Luck Becomes a Man (sort of )”

  1. It’s a big moment for Potluck, but I think definitely *not* becoming a man. I’m sure he’ll be delightful post-snip. You could always get him some neuticals if you miss the old look.

  2. Do the girls understand how it would work for Daisy to have kittens – in other words that it would require the participation of Pot Luck or some other male cat? If not, how strange to think that Pot Luck would have to have the operation so Daisy wouldn’t have kittens – and would that apply in human life, that A would have to have an operation so some event wouldn’t happen to B?

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