Perfect Game Paintings

In all the to-do about Mark Buehle of the White Sox’s perfect game (assisted by Dewayne Wise’s amazing 9th-inning catch), I was amused by one detail.  It’s apparently traditional for the pitcher of a perfect game to treat or honor his teammates in some way:

Buehrle is ordering special wine bottles for all of the White Sox, but [Dewayne] Wise and the catcher, Ramon Castro, will get something extra. Both will receive an original painting of their roles in the game, a work of art to commemorate the masterpiece Wise made possible.

Nice to see fine art painting playing a prominent role in this kind of story.

May I make one suggestion as to the painter — how about Juliana Hatfield?

I’d be curious to learn what painter gets this gig in the end.

1 thought on “Perfect Game Paintings”

  1. The Phillips Gallery in DC has a painting of Joe DiMaggio at bat in a night game when they were new playing against the Senators (before they became the Twins). It was done by Marjorie Phillips, who with her husband Duncan owned the gallery. I had not yet become a bb fan but always took time to look at this painting. It elevated sport, it was thrilling.

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