Dear Tooth Fairy: I Cannot Find My Tooht, But Pleas Give me a Preset

Iris’s note for the tooth fairy.

We lost teeth on successive days– it’s killing us!  We ran out of cash, didn’t have any ones the second day.  And the worst part is that we somehow got ourselves into this pattern where when Twin #1 loses a tooth, she gets a present (or “preset”) for both twins.  I don’t know why.  I think this was a work-around when they were 4 years old and there was no way Iris was going to be able to handle Celie getting a present when she didn’t.  Now, maybe she could handle it (an open question), but we seem locked into the double-jackpot system.

As this note suggests, the teeth often seem to get misplaced before bedtime, but again, it’s tails I win, heads you lose: double-gift all the same.  Which to me somewhat undermines the model of gift exchange.

Iris noticed a small pad of yellow lined paper on the stairs and observed, “look, that’s the pad the Tooth Fairy uses for her notes!”  This whole pack of lies is due to come crashing down soon…

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