Secret winter fairy house

Activity for an MLK day holiday afternoon (no service component here…).

Materials mostly gathered on walk to park:

  • sticks
  • milkweed (or something) fluff
  • seeds
  • berries
  • acorns
  • one round box

Tools: saw, hot glue gun.

And here is the finished product, so far, the house of two fairy children and their pet mouse Rollo (made from an acorn, with felt ears and tail, unfortunately not pictured).

I especially like the seed-pod chandelier, the little canoe-like fluff beds, the leaf rugs, the table, the bowls of seeds…

N.b. I had almost nothing to do with this…

3 thoughts on “Secret winter fairy house”

    1. Hey! Iris and Celie, I said that! About the lucky fairy children! (Somehow this comment section had other ideas).

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