America’s Got Aerial Dancing

Somehow it seems that whenever I turn on the t.v. I’m assaulted by Howie Mandel’s irritating goatee on America’s Got Talent.  I usually turn the channel ASAP, but the other day I got sucked into the Michael Lipari/ Ashleigh Dejon “aerial dancing” performance.  This completely cracked me up and I had to catch up a bit on their previous history.  A few weeks ago they delivered this performance.  (There’s a minute or two of introductory blather; the key part of the performance lasts from about 2:30 to 3:00.)

Sharon Osbourne’s little clutch at Howie’s arm, and then his painfully fake/ stilted performance of confused concern just before Lipari & Dejon Rise from the Flames, are priceless.  The whole thing is so… old-school.  The athleticism is admittedly impressive.

Here’s their most recent performance.  This one brings the aesthetics of the Victoria’s Secret “Angels” line/ an over-the-top bachelorette party to the kind of bad acting you rarely get to see on national t.v.  The effect makes me think of the figures on top of a wedding cake come alive and swinging around maniacally on ropes and ribbons, pausing every few seconds to emote in operatic fashion.

“We decided to go the direction of being a little bit more heartfelt.  Last time we shocked the judges, and America.  And this time… we want to touch their heart.”

“People often think we’re a couple, but actually we’re just friends and partners.”  Wait, is it possible that Michael Lipari is not straight?