Between Santa and Hannah Montana

Age 4 3/4 (or whatever they are, almost five) is a transitional period, or so it would seem today.  First Iris handed me a “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert” poster that I was supposed to put on their bedroom wall, after writing “Iris” in indelible marker on the poster.  This was some kind of door prize at the “hair salon” — i.e. Great Clips — where Sarah took them for a trim today.  You get a Hannah Montana poster and a lollipop.  C&I LOVE going to the hair salon.

Then Iris and Celie were asking me “how can Santa and the Easter bunny know where everyone lives?  Are there different Santas and Easter Bunnies in every place?”  I kind of hedged and dodged the question, and Celie speculated, “well, if Santa and the Easter Bunny have a printer, they could print out everybody’s address.”  (Do they think Santa and the E. Bunny are a couple?)  The girls also love printing things out — preferably their names in purple and pink.

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