Genius of Mark Gormley

Have recently discovered the amazing and certainly not gormless Pensacola, Florida sensation Mark Gormley, of the haunting falsetto, jutting hip stance, inexplicable video animation and mise en scene, and trademark pleated jeans, golf shirts (what does he have in the pocket?), and upper chest band-aid. Here’s a useful overview of the career that notes Gormley’s “ability to superimpose himself onto any image of his choosing” and his “resemblance to a computer composite of every sex offender in the national registry.” Somehow the effect is of the voice and mind of a brooding, mid-1970s Dewey Bunnell-esque singer-songwriter in the body of a recently laid off Circuit City salesman.

4 thoughts on “Genius of Mark Gormley”

  1. That’s amazing on so many levels. In addition to the videos (the foot-switching, the backgrounds, the split screen with him and some babe), it’s an incredible time warp, and a window into some guy’s life and the history of America, and maybe Pensacola, and I don’t know what else, both self-aware and not. And the songs are awesome, in their special way. Hilarious and touching.

  2. Thanks for the appreciative comment… I feel kinda bad about citing the snarky sex offender remark. Gormley just seems like a normal, awkward 50-something dude from Pensacola who has a special song inside him and thanks to Youtube, we can all hear it.

  3. The final “do you [ye?] hear me” refrain of “Gray Days,” just following the hippie-chick montage, is really kind of heart-breaking. We hear ye, Mark!

  4. I bet it’s a kapo in his pocket..thanks ivan for yet another weird glimpse into American music…

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