LOL Palin

This (which I found on is perfect, injecting into the already-inexplicable oddness of the lolcats meme all the madness of this moose-dressing, polar-bear-deregulating, press-conference-fleeing VP candidate.

There’s something about lolcats that weirds me out. Is it just idiotic, or is there something clever there? Is it simply the apotheosis of internet stupidity, or an apotheosis that brilliantly lays bare the underlying conditions? Whatever, whenever I think of the walrus bucket meme I chuckle involuntarily, not sure why I am laughing and disconcerted by that uncertainty.

Btw, Chris Rock was really hilarious in his extended comparison of Palin to Michael Vick (vis a vis animal cruelty).

p.s.  Wikipedia on lolcats.